A New Me

I’ve been waiting for the right time to wear this shirt because I just thought I was going to be a “New Me” overnight, right? I bought this shirt from Dr. E’s fabulous line last year because not only did I want to support her, I loved her message behind it. I thought the beginning of 2017 would be perfect for me to wear it since 2016 was very challenging. I could start fresh next year—a new me. I’m not naïve at all, but had an "ah ha" moment and realized the same challenges that were in 2016 would follow me into the new year. They weren’t going to disappear just because the clock stroke midnight! It didn’t hit me until yesterday when I got out of bed that I don’t want to be a new me— but there’s new things about me. One of the most important being is I’m converting to Judaism. I didn’t want to say anything until my actual conversion this year, but I’m part of the Jewish community no matter what (I know it must be documented :)). This is something I’m very proud of and one of the most exciting moments in my life. Family members and childhood friends don’t really know as much about me as I evolved since my 13-year career in the world’s greatest Air Force and now as a veteran for nearly for 19 months. That’s because I didn’t know much about myself and that all changed when I hit my 30’s. I’m African American. I’m Irish. I’m a European Jew (yes by blood). I'm Native American. I’m Scandinavian. I’m Greek. I’m Italian. I'm American. I'm a mother. I'm a doctor. I'm a professor. I'm a student. I'm an entrepreneur. I'm a researcher. I'm an author. I'm a published songwriter. I'm a hard worker. I'm human. I realized that I don’t like to dress up. If I could get away with wearing leggings (or shorts), Doc Martens, and a beanie every day, my world would be a better place. I don’t like makeup as much anymore (too much effort). I’m not a morning person. If I'm not playing dress up for a business meeting or event, you won't catch me in any jewelry except my Shema Prayer necklace. I like working long hours. I like working out (not during the winter though). I can’t stay away from school. I’m a nerd. I’m an avid reader. I’m fun, crazy, and a bit sarcastic. I eat only organic foods  and soy milk in my household (in the streets, it's something different). I’m a Republican that’s not too “right” and have some liberal views. I love diversity. I love different cultures. I love communication. I love to travel the world. I love people who know what they want and what they want to be. I’m a nice person, and don’t have zero "tolerance" for intolerance and ignorance. I’m a chill person, but don’t cross me or insult my intelligence. I’m sociable. I’m private, so this is probably the most you will ever read about me—that comes directly from me, that is. I idolize Mrs. Obama, Michelle Thompson is a great friend and life consultant, Jennifer Ng is a great friend and business partner, Beyonce is my personal motivation, and Kim Kardashian influences my style. And there's nothing wrong with that. I come across as assertive, a little aggressive (in a positive way), and matter-of-fact, but I’m not a know-it-all and don’t want to know-it-all. I might be a lot of things and have a lot of titles, but at the end of the day, I'm just me-- Mo. I love the new things about me and I wouldn’t change me for the world. I love my flaws and what I don’t like, I change it. Simple as that. So, I wonder if that fits Dr. E’s philosophical stance behind a “New Me!”

Dr. Monique Chouraeshkenazi