Dr. Chouraeskenazi Accepted into Eisner Eisner Institute of Professional Studies for Forensic Psychology Doctoral Program

If one doctorate degree isn't enough, Dr. Monique Maldonado has been accepted into the Eisner Institute of Professional Studies (EIPS) program, pursuing a Doctorate in Clinical Forensic Psychology. Eisner's Clinical Forensic Psychology involves the interface of law and psychology. The specialization in Clinical Forensic Psychology allows students to gain a wide grasp of the issues facing psychologists who deal with the legal system. EIPS is approved by the California Bureau of Private Postsecondary Education. Dr. Maldonado's background in criminal justice and security management were pivotal in her acceptance to the program. Her goal is to link forensic psychology concepts to criminal justice/national/homeland security objectives to formulate modern policies and prevent terrorism, violence, and other emerging threats against the United States. Dr. Maldonado will begin the program in Spring 2017.