How CNN's Chris Cuomo Became America's Toughest New Anchor

In 2013, when Chris Cuomo agreed to make the jump to CNN from his longtime post at ABC News, the anchor made one thing clear to his new employer: "I'm confrontational," Cuomo remembers telling Jeff Zucker, the president of the network. "I will engage. That's what I do." And he's held fast to his promise. Between co-hosting the cable news network's morning show, New Day, and recently taking on Cuomo Prime Time – which is in its second week – Cuomo has emerged as one of political journalism's most fearless and unflinching interviewers. He's brash, brusque and completely disinterested in partisan spin – which is why he's perhaps best known for his frequent verbal sparring matches with some of Trump's most vigilant lackeys, like Kellyanne Conway. And as a testy interview last fall with Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders proved, Cuomo doesn't discriminate along party lines.

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Source: Dan Hyman, Rolling Stone

Photo: Jeremy Freeman

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