Dr. Chouraeshkenazi Scores Major Book Deal with Cognella Academic Publishing

Dr. Maldonado, or as her students call her, "Dr. Mo," will be teaming up with Cognella Academic Publishing in San Diego, CA to write her first textbook for universities and colleges across the country. As a homeland security expert, with over 14 years of experience in national/homeland security fields (as an U.S. Air Force veteran and educator), Dr. Maldonado will be writing an innovative "pedagogy-forward" textbook that will incorporate homeland and security initiatives as well as addressing modern threats (i.e. cyberterrorism, nacroterrorism, innovative terrorism, etc.) that affect the United States. Dr. Maldonado's hopes are that the book expresses her views and her peers' perspectives on the major concerns that currently affect protecting our land domestically and abroad. Also, she wants to contribute original information to this book that can maintain international security standards, global peace, strengthen relations with U.S. allies and security partners, destroy global terrorism/extremism, and continue to promote globalization. Dr. Maldonado is very thankful and looking forward to her relationship with Cognella Academic Publishing to bring her vision into fruition! The book is projected to be published in the Spring of 2018. 

Dr. Monique Chouraeshkenazi