Dr. Mo Signs Second Major Book Deal as Co-Author on Terrorism

Dr. Mo will be working with Cognella Academic Publishing once again as a co-author on Dr. Kyle T. Kattleman's collegiate terrorism team. Dr. Kattleman is Assistant Professor for the Criminal Justice, Political Science, and International Studies at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Teaneck, New Jersey. He also signed on Dr. Francis D. Boating, Assistant Professor for the Department of Legal Studies and the School of Applied Science at the University of Mississippi as a co-author. Cognella Academic Publishing and Dr. Kattleman asked Dr. Mo to be a part of this collaboration because of her experience in homeland/national security, terrorism, and antiterrorism. As Associate Professor for the School of Security and Global Studies at American Public University System/American Military University, Lead Professor for the School of Graduate and Degree Completion Programs, and part-time adjunct professor at Southern New Hampshire University, she has led a nearly 15-year career in national/homeland security, terrorism and antiterrorism. She teaches (and have taught) the following courses in academia:

POL151 Introduction to National Security
HLSS154 Mind of a Terrorist
ENF212 Concept of Terrorism
POL350 International Relations
POL420 Transnational & Unconventional Threats
HLSS300 Research Methods in Homeland Security
HLSS498 Comprehensive Examination in Homeland Security

HLSS500 Research in Homeland Security
HLSS502 Homeland Security & Defense
HLSS505 Security Risk Management
HLSS523 Domestic Terrorism & Extremist Groups
HLSS530 Global Terrorism
HLSS698 Comprehensive Examination in Homeland Security
HLSS699 Homeland Security Capstone
PADM500 Applied Research Methods in Public Administration
MAPP501 Foundations of Governance & Policy
JUS515 Research Design & Analysis
JUS525 Legal & Ethical Issues in Criminal Justice
CJ500 Critical Issues in the Criminal Justice
CJ510 Ethical Leadership in Criminal Justice

Dr. Mo is looking forward to working with Dr. Kattleman and Dr. Boateng on this collaboration. 

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