Submission Guidelines


To have an article considered for publication on The Dr. Mo Show site:

  • Make sure your submission complies with all guidelines outlined below

  • Fill out the for "Be a Contributor for The Dr. Mo Show" HERE

  • You will receive an email within seven business days, if your article is chosen to be published

  • Please be prepared to include a brief (150 words) abstract and author bio(s) of 150 words or less, as a separate attachment

  • Published work will be highlighted on Dr. Mo's "Contributions to The Dr. Mo Show" blog carousel

Types of articles

The Dr. Mo Show accepts the following submissions:

  • Original research articles (800-1000 words)

  • Short-form articles and essays (500 words)

  • Book Reviews (700-900 words)

The Dr. Mo Show is interested in publishing work that addresses current homeland and national security matters, antiterrorism, counterterrorism, terrorism, domestic and international extremism, criminal justice (particularly law, ethics, and the militarization of law enforcement). This site's primary objective is to focus on scholarly works that contribute to the understanding and advancement homeland and national security initiatives and objective, providing original research in the field to protect the United States of America.

who can submit?

The Dr. Mo Show accepts submissions from qualified academics and practitioners in the field of homeland security, or in fields relating to homeland defense and security. 


Submission Rules    

Articles should be written within APA formatting standards. Below are some links that are very intuitive for APA formatting guidelines. Previously published and/or simultaneously articles are not accepted. Co-authored papers are welcomed. Papers may be excerpted from a larger unpublished paper (i.e. dissertation, thesis, or book manuscript). When submitting articles to The Dr. Mo Show, the author agrees the material is not currently under review at another journal (electronic or print) and will not submit the material to another journal until the completion of the editorial decision process at The Dr. Mo Show. The author also acknowledges The Dr. Mo Show is an open-access journal and agrees the article contains no classified information, "for official use only," or sensitive unclassified information. If there are any questions or concerns about the submission terms for The Dr. Mo Show, please, click HERE.


The Dr. Mo Show has a "zero tolerance policy" for plagiarism and uses specific software to detect plagiarism for all submissions considered for publication to the site. Plagiarism is using words, ideas, and statements from other bodies of work without giving proper credit to the author of the information originated. Self-plagiarism is using the one's own work without properly citing him or herself and is still a form of plagiarism. Plagiarism can result in small words and phrases that are not cited to large amounts of information used verbatim without proper citations. If there are any concerns regarding plagiarism, the author will be notified. If it is found that there is plagiarism in an article after it is published, The Dr. Mo Show will contact the author and institute course of actions to rectify it, depending on the severity of the incident.


** APA Manual 6th Edition, click HERE

** Purdue Owl APA, click HERE